Kojima will become an important part in the PlayStation’s history.

Sony and Kojima have further discussed the terms of their new PlayStation 4 exclusive-project. Hideo Kojima is the man behind great games such as the Metal Gear series, and Zone of the Enders.

According to Polygon, “The PC release will come sometime after the as-yet untitled game launches for PlayStation 4. In a Q&A published to Medium by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s community manager, Sony declined to say how long the PS4’s timed exclusivity will last. Notably, it also declined to say who will own the game’s copyright.” The rest of the Q&A didn’t reveal much, only that the new game being worked on will be “completely new.” It won’t have anything to do with the Silent Hills or Metal Gear series because they are own by Konami.

In the Q&A Sony didn’t say how long the game’s PS4 exclusivity would last. They also didn’t state who owns the copyright for the new video game.

Despite Sony’s new partnership with Hideo Kojima, they stated that they still value their relationship with Konami.

Yesterday, Kojima officially left Konami, and created a new Kojima productions studio. Sony is not investing in it, meaning Sony doesn’t own the new studio.

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