Capcom registered a trademark for new Onimusha.

This information was noted on Neogaf by user Miku. Miku states, “CAPCOM files trademark for “ONIMUSHA” (Not Renew).” So there is a high possibility of a new Onimusha game coming out.

Onimusha series are action-adventure games which are incredibly fun and exciting. The games were available on the PS2, one of my favorite consoles. Players battle demons usually in order to save the world, or for revenge.  After killing the demons you can suck there souls out and use them to upgrade your characters equipment.

According to GameSpot, “There are no details beyond this and, as of yet, Capcom has not indicated any intention to bring back the series. It may be the trademark is for another Pachinko machine or mobile title, as opposed to a new console and PC game”

I’m pretty eager to year when Capcom finally admits what they’re planning with that their new Onimusha trademark.

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