Square Enix announced their financial results for the previous quarter, which ended on June 30th. It seems that the company performed rather well during the period.

Overall revenue was ¥42.2 billion. This is up 12 percent from last years ¥37.8 billion. Profits came in at ¥5.9 billion, which is up 76 percent from last years ¥3.4 billion.

Square Enix’s dedicated game unit, Digital Entertainment, posted net sales of ¥30.3 billion. This is up 29.2 percent compared to the same period last year. Operating income was ¥8.2 billion, which was up 81.6 year-over-year.

Square Enix credits the success to strong PC and mobile sales. This includes Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light, and Schoolgirl Strikers. Expansion packs for Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X also enjoyed “favorable” sales.

Square Enix’s home console business did see a drop in sales. However, the company did say that catalog sales, mainly through digital channels, “gained favorable results.”

Recently Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Explorers will be coming stateside. The publisher also announced that the Tomb Raider series will be a trilogy, and that the series will not be exclusive to Microsoft.

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