After the excitement of a trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake Square Enix have also recently released a PS4 port of the original games HD remaster.

Not only will this version of the game be prettier to look at but there’s a couple of things in the game to help players get through some of the games tougher sections.

First of all if you press both L3 and R3 sticks together then you will have the ability to toggle random encounters on and off. For those who remember playing the original games you will be well aware of how much time this will help to save. Those random encounters are one of the things that would originally make the game occasionally feel a bit f a grind so its good to now be able to cut down the time spent in battle.

Also if you want to speed through some of the games lengthier sections you can do so by pressing in the L3 stick on its own. This will make the game run at about three times the speed it initially did.

The game also features essentially an easy mode button where by pressing in the R3 stick all health bars and limit break meters completely refill. This basically makes the game devoid of challenge but if you are really struggling then its a good option to have.


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