For the ReCore development team, being sold on a Xbox One exclusive wasn’t an easy thing. The original presentation for the Xbox One, according to Mark Pacini, was less then stellar. The focus on Television and Media wasn’t something he was interested in. When Xbox approached Keiji Inafune and Mark Pacini for the collaboration project, Xbox said they wanted a game for gamers.

This quickly got both Armature Studio and Comcept Inc. on board with the game, planning ReCore for a 2016 release. According to Pacini, “It feels like, for us, the runway’s been kind of cleared. So we can just concentrate on making a really good game and putting features in that make sense for this game,” (via GameSpot)

The pressure for Xbox SmartGlass and Kinect integration just wasn’t there, and the two developers can focus on creating a great game together. We don’t know a lot about ReCore at the moment, the only thing shown off at E3 was a cinematic trailer and a release date of Spring 2016. Phil Spencer, however, said we will be seeing a lot more of ReCore in 2016.


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