Microsoft is pretty excited about Xbox-exclusive action RPG Scalebound. Microsoft marketing exec Aaron Greenberg calls Platinum Game’s upcoming fantasy romp a “gift” to Microsoft. When asked how difficult it would be to market a game by a Japanese developer that Xbox’s core audience might not be familiar with, Greenberg called it an opportunity.

“It’s another gift for us,” Greenberg stated confidently. “If you think about what [game director Hideki Kamiya] has created, and his history of just creating incredibly unique games, that are such high quality and that are loved by core gamers… To be able to have him making a new IP exclusive for us and a big title, I think it’s something we’re really excited about.”

Microsoft is certain that Scalebound, which was announced in 2014 and is due out sometime in 2016, will have a large appeal to audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with Platinum Game’s work. The game will have four-player co-op as well.

“We think of it as an action RPG game, and we think it will both appeal to fans of the games that Platinum has made, but at the same time, I think it will be a game that will have a broader appeal to folks that maybe haven’t played their games before,” Greenberg said.


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