Inspired around the universe of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, a world much darker and more fit for the masked vigilante, Batman: Arkham Knight is set to release their latest DLC for the month of December.  Season of Infamy is bringing back a handful of not-so-friendly faces from the large list of Batman’s nemeses.

From Batman: Arkham Insider’s 11th and final episode, we learn that Mr. Freeze will be joining the chaos of Gotham, with a few changes to his signature suit.  To paraphrase art director David Hego, “It was interesting to bring Mr Freeze back… we changed his suit from battle armor to more like the scientist.”

batmobile batman

The Batmobile makes a head-on return

The Mad Hatter will also be throwing his cap into the ring of villains, about as comprehensive as one could imagine, which is not very much at all.  Thirdly, Killer Croc is returning, more monstrous and animalistic than before.  In the final Insider episode, there was also mention of Ra’s al Ghul making a reappearance, although he is not directly showcased in the video.

It’s not just villains making a return in the Season of Infamy DLC.  The Batmobile, last seen crashing into
Bane during Arkham City, will now be available, along with additional skins.  This will also be an option for the Batsuit as well.

Season of Infamy is due to be available for purchase December 22 for the XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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