Super Mario Maker seems to already have nearly infinite possibilities when it comes to its level design. Nintendo doesn’t believe this is going to slow down any time soon as the next DLC is bringing in even more items to help the opportunities for fun grow.

The game’s official website has revealed that on December 21st, players will get a new Koopa Clown Car that can shoot fire balls. Now players can really feel like Bowser when flying in one of these. Also included are P Warp doors, which only appear when a P switch is activated, and a “Bumper” that acts a funny donut shaped object for Mario to bounce off of.

New items aren’t the only things being added to Super Mario Maker. The fastest clear time for levels will now be seen in a section called World Records. Nintendo, in addition, wants to help players find the best levels for them. The Super Mario Maker Bookmark will help them out on their computer, tablet, or smartphone, giving players a website to filter and search through levels to find the perfect one for them.

All of these new features are sure to be a hit for the already incredible title. Super Mario Maker is available now for the Nintendo Wii U.


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