Microsoft’s popular Games With Gold is boldly going into 2016 for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

To kick off the Xbox One’s year, Killer Instinct Season 1 Ultra Edition will be available for download during the entirety of January. The Ultra Edition includes all of season 1’s characters, their movesets, and their bonus costumes and accessories. It also comes with the 1994 version, Killer Instinct Classic. Starting on January 15th,, Zhreos will be available for download. Zheros is a co-op beat-em-up in a sci-fi setting.

For the 360, the first half of the month opens up Dirt Showdown, a high-octane racing game. Starting January 15th, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is up for download, which will be a neat way to get people interested in the series. The sequel, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, releases on August 23rd.

Those that haven’t downloaded December’s titles can check out what they have to grab here.

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