Gamers with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions have received numerous free games with the popular Games with Gold program.  This December, Microsoft is giving subscribers four well-received games.

Starting December 1st, Xbox One owners will receive Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, an open world kung-fu thriller where players take the role of undercover cop Wei Shen and try to take down the Sun On Yee, one of the Triad’s Hong Kong branches.  The Definitive Edition includes all the DLC and improves the graphics of the original version.  Xbox 360 owners will get Outland, a 2D action platformer where players balance and control the powers of light and darkness to defeat enemies and traverse dangerous locales.  Xbox One owners will also be able to play Outland, thanks to backwards compatibility.

Xbox Live Gold subscribers will also receive two more free games on the 16th.  Xbox One owners will be able to play Outlast, the sleeper-hit survival horror game that tasks players with escaping an insane asylum with only their wits and night-vision camera.  Xbox 360 owners, on the other hand, will receive Burnout Paradise, an open world racing game that gives players the ability to create massive crashes in its touted “Showtime mode.”  Xbox Live Gold subscribers who own an Xbox One will also receive Burnout Paradise.

As with previous Games with Gold events, these games will only be available for a limited time, but anyone who downloads them can keep them as long as you are continue your Xbox Gold subscription.  You can learn more about the Games with Gold program on the official website.

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