Since Grand Theft Auto V, we haven’t seen a cross platform compatibility function in a video game. Sharing between consoles and PC is just unheard of, as well as sharing between Xbox and PlayStation.

A new feature may be on the rise, with Trials Fusion allowing you to share custom tracks between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. They will automatically be shared across all platforms, with no extra effort being put in by the creator of the tracks, or the players.

If you connected a Ubisoft Uplay account to Trials Fusion, your name will be shown off when someone goes to play your course. Otherwise it will show up as “FusionShared”.

Redlynx has also said they will be working towards retroactively sharing all of the tracks cross platform, which will begin uploading in small batches. “It will start with the oldest tracks first and continue until it reaches the first track shared cross-platform. Be patient, retroactively sharing every custom since launch is going to take some time.”

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