It was announced earlier today by Niklas Fegraeus, the design director at DICE, that we can all look forward to getting an eyeful at the gameplay in Star Wars Battlefront. Fegraeus’ letter entitled “Dear Galaxy” talked about the warm welcome from fans at their Star Wars Celebration event in April, how much the DICE team themselves are fans of the series and what they hoped to achieve with Battlefront at the end of development.

However Niklas also mentions that most of the questions received from fans have been asking when we will see gameplay and Niklas confirmed on EA’s website that we would finally be getting a glimpse at E3.

I really look forward to showing you all more from the game as we get closer to release, and for you guys who are asking me when you can see gameplay, I can tell you that we have great plans for E3.

So tune in starting June 15, because at E3 this year, Star Wars Battlefront gameplay will make its debut and we’re all super excited to show it to you.

The reception to Battlefront has been received with mixed responses so far on the fact that so much has been changed from the well loved Battlefront 2. The anticipated reveal trailer showed us a link to purchase early access DLC before any gameplay had even been shown and the disinclusion of well loved content such as space battles and (my favourite) galaxy conquest was nowhere to be found, although producer Jesper Nielsen quickly responded that they are not withholding anything for DLC and while some content has been taken away, we’ll be seeing a lot more in the new game.

Despite the shaky reception leading up to the release date of November 17th, I am exited to see what Star Wars Battlefront has to offer and I doubt I’m the only one.

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