PlayStation fans have had quite an experience this weekend. Among the reveals and announcements at this year’s PlayStation Experience, Naughty Dog revealed a brand new trailer for the final installment in their action series.

The video has quite a few interesting elements. Opening with wiseass protagonist Nathan Drake…doing paperwork at a construction site late at night. Things get back to more standard Uncharted fare when one of Drake’s old friends shows up and talks him into doing one more job. Overall, a very low-key tease for a franchise known for explosive setpieces and gunfights, but what stuck out to a lot of people is the introduction of a dialogue option flashing up while Nate talked to his friend, Sam. It’s an odd choice by Naughty Dog since dialogue options are usually reserved for RPGs and typically determine multiple endings compared to their highly-scripted linear experiences.

While it is fun to speculate on the idea of the final Uncharted having different endings, I don’t think that will happen here. The dialogue shown in the trailer is paying very obvious homage to Nate’s past adventures and seems to be just a bit of fanservice. If the rest of the game treats the dialogue in this way, it would be a great way for fans to reminise while keeping the focus on Nate’s journey. We’ll see if that’s the case when it launche’s March 18th, 2016 for the PlayStation 4.

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