War Dragons is a mobile game that has intense online multiplayer battles, pinning players vs players as they control over 100 types of dragons. A novelization is being made to further capture the lore of these dragons. With another determination, you could be part of it.

It was reported that Pocket Gemz, the developer behind War Dragons, is holding a contest to see which teams are mighty enough to make it into the novelization. The contest itself is a land grab contest that has been running since December 9th and will continue until the end of the year, as part of the Kingdom of Ice expansion. The top six teams will be put into the prequel novel, War Dragon: Every War Ends in Fire, and receive exclusive new portraits. The very top team will also have a statue of them built within the game.

Think it might be cool to forever be placed in the history of the game? Take a shot at the competition with your squad. War Dragons is available now on mobile devices.

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