With all its monsters and corpses, the bleak battlefields and crowded cities of The Witcher 3 certainly lack that bit of holiday charm. But CD Projekt Red is looking to fix that, and they’d like your help. The Witcher 3 developer has announced a new holiday mod contest.

To enter, all you need is a holiday themed outfit mod for any of the characters in The Witcher 3. “It can be an epic armor for Geralt, a christmas hat for Johnny, or candy canes for Nekkers!” the developer suggests. Then, upload it to Nexus Mods with a “Witcher Mod Contest” tag, available under the “file admin,” and fill out and submit the form you can find here with a link to the mod.

One winner will be chosen, and that winner then gets the gorgeous, rather epic, sword that you can see in the picture below. You must be 18 to enter the contest, and CD Projekt Red recommends you check first if your country will even allow someone to send you a sword.


The contest is now open and is running through January 5th. Excited to see what people come up with? Will you be making a mod of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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