Following the pro community’s response to Halo 5′s Breakout game mode, 343 Industries has responded by removing Breakout from the Halo World Championship.

Breakout is one of Halo 5: Guardians‘ new modes geared towards the competitive scene. After launch the community – specifically a lot of pro players – expressed their dislike for the game mode’s inclusion in the pro circuit.

Responding to the community feedback, 343 Industries has taken to Halo Waypoint to announce the game mode’s removal from the Halo World Championship.

Through community conversations and recent feedback from competitors, we’ve heard that the majority of our esports community would prefer that Breakout not be included in the remaining stages of the Halo World Championship,” the post reads.

Due to this feedback from players and fans, Breakout will no longer be a featured game type in Halo World Championship competitions moving forward.

Due to the upcoming X Games being so close, 343 is undecided to whether or not to leave Breakout in its game type rotation, stating that they “…need to be respectful of the recent practice time put into the game type as well as how soon the tournament is, and as such we will be working with team captains before making a final decision on the inclusion at this weekend’s X Games event

This seems as though it will be good news for pro players, and for the community watching, given those two crowds were most vocal. It will be interesting to see the tournament play out in a more ‘traditional’ Halo style of game types, without Breakout’s inclusion.

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