With Destiny‘s weekly reset rolling around once more, it’s time to take a look at what Bungie has in store for the next batch of Weekly Strikes.

The dawn of a new week brings us ‘Winter’s Run’, one of Venus’ Strikes, featuring the Archon Priest and all his minions. The Strike itself is made more difficult by the fact that Bungie decided to include all burns for this week’s Nightfall.

That’s right: this week’s Nightfall features Arc, Solar, and Void burn.]

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The Winter’s Run Strike features a healthy dose of both Vex and Fallen: Vex generally do Solar and Void damage, while the Fallen do Solar, Arc, and Void damage. Bungie also recently patched Destiny players’ favourite ‘cheese’ in the Strike, where the fire team would hide underneath the upper platform.

A short time ago players would hide under a convenient balcony, wherein no enemy could harm them (if they were smart). Since Bungie patched the glitch, the Strike became that much harder; all burns makes it that much more difficult.

To tackle the Nightfall, I highly recommend equipping a primary weapon that does elemental damage if you have one (such as Aetheon’s Epilogue, and so on). This ensures you’re always doing extra damage to every enemy through out the level, regardless of the weapon you’re holding. Having Ice Breaker for the regenerating ammo, or Gjallarhorn for its severe firepower against the Priest himself, are also both very handy weapons to have.

Contrary to the Nightfall, the Heroic Weekly features the ‘Heroic’ modifier and Void burn – an especially grateful addition, seeing as though only Servitors do Void damage during the final boss fight.

Interestingly enough, one Reddit user managed to data mine Destiny, and actually leaked these Weekly Strikes – as well as some of Xur’s inventory in the near future – as early as Friday last week.

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