Update: Xur has arrived at the Tower for the 27th of February weekend. You can check out his inventory and location here. It also appears that his inventory may not be entirely randomly generated like we once thought.

Destiny‘s Xur is everyone’s favourite character to hate, aside from Peter Dinklage’s ‘Ghost’. As an Agent of the Nine, Xur reluctantly brings Exotic weapons and armour, and sometimes bonuses such as Heavy Ammo Synths, to the Tower every weekend in exchange for Strange Coins. To gain more insight into Xur’s inventory, and what it may hold for the future, we’ll have to look at its past.

Many Destiny players often complain that Xur never sells their weapon of choice – be it Gjallarhorn, or… well, Gjallarhorn. In case you hadn’t picked it up by now, everyone really wants Gjallarhorn.

Myself, I’ve been after an Exotic helmet for my Hunter for a number of weeks now, and can’t seem to find one. It’s interesting to learn, then, that he’s sold Hunter helmets on 9 different occasions out of the 24 weeks he’s been available.

Going back to Gjallarhorn, on the other hand, we can understand its demand given that it’s only been sold once. Trusting RNG for a Gjallarhorn doesn’t seem to be working for the community at this point.

Reddit user Debo37 compiled the stats that I’m posting below. They’re worth a look if you want to try and deduct what he might sell in the future, though it’s also worth noting that all your deductions may be wrong. Bungie has a knack for fooling Destiny players. Just saying.



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