With the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility only days away, Microsoft published a new video explaining how the free service will work.

The video features Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb and FLitz form Smosh Games as they cover just about every question gamers might have about the service.

Backwards Compatibility will automatically know which digital Xbox 360 games a player has purchased through the player’s gamertag and the service will sync the games to the Xbox One console. From there digital versions of the Xbox 360 games are easily launched and played through the Xbox One console.

For physical copies of Xbox 360 games, once the disc is inserted, the Xbox One will recognize the game and the console will automatically download the Backwards Compatibility version of it. Although gamers will have the Backwards Compatibility version of the game, the physical disc will still need to be inserted every time a gamer wants to play it. Also, Achievements will carry over from the 360 versions and gamers can unlock Achievements by playing the games.

The service will go live when Microsoft releases the new Xbox One Experience dashboard update on November 12th. The full list of 100+ Xbox 360 games available as part of Backwards Compatibility will be announced this Monday November 9th.

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