Yacht Club’s successful Kickstarted, multi-award winning game Shovel Knight has been a massive success story. One thing that was missing that was promised in the Kickstarter that had yet to be delivered was playable characters. The new DLC unveiled by Yacht Club seeks to remedy this.

The expansion is titled “Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows” and will feature the Plague Knight; who in the original game was a member of the Enchantress’s minions “The Order of No Quarter”.

According to the developer’s blog post, Plague Knight will have to battle against his cohort in order to obtain the ingrediets for the Serum Supernus; his Ultimate Potion.

The Plague Knight will have a whole different play style that will use explosives and bombs in order to traverse the platforming and there’s a new alchemy system that will be his source of equipment and power-up. There will be new enemies and bosses and the layout for the levels will be varied up to be different.


In the promotional image, there also appears to be a female alongside Plague Knight and we are yet to know her role in the story. Be sure however that Yacht Club will reveal this mysterious woman at PAX East at their booth with the playable demo.

The DLC will be free and is expected to be released some time in Q2 of 2015 and will be available on all platforms that Shovel Knight is currently on.

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