Mom. Mommy. Mother. Ma. (Mum – Steve)

No matter what you call her, Mom is an important person in many of our lives, and sometimes that even may include the moms that we have met over the years in our favorite games. Mom doesn’t always have to just be the woman who gave birth to you, but also may include the one who raised you, fed you, or bought you your first NES many years ago. In honor of the special women in our lives on Mother’s Day, let’s look at some of the most memorable mothers that have appeared in games.


       “Right. All boys leave home someday. It said so on TV. Professor Oak, next door, is looking for you.”

“Mom” from the Pokémon series is one of the few characters that shows up in some form across all of the main iterations of the handheld franchise. Though we usually end up breaking her heart as soon as we leave the house to venture on our journey, Mom never fails to have our back. She heals our party, she always makes sure we are properly attired (in running shoes!), and even helps us remember to set the clock for daylight savings time. What more could you want from a mother?

Cooking Mama

       “Don’t worry! Mama will fix this!”

In every group of friends, there’s always one that has a mom who can make, bake, and create just about any kind of food, and it always tastes amazing. In the video game world, that mom is Cooking Mama. She literally whips up cuisine from all around the globe. While Mama has ventured into side talents, such as babysitting, gardening, and crafting, we all love mama for what she puts in our stomachs.

Link’s Grandma

Time certainly flies…I can’t believe you’re already old enough to wear these clothes….”

While she may not have been the one who gave birth to Link and his sister Aryll, Link’s grandmother is the primary caregiver for him in The Wind Waker. She’s gentle, kind, and warm, but most importantly, she gives you soup ANY time you want (to recover HP, but it’s probably delicious too!). All formal titles aside – that’s the definition of a great “mom.”


Mom from Animal Crossing

       “I was thinking about you as I had my morning coffee. Do you remember you when you were little and I gave you a sip?” 

In the world of Animal Crossing, Mom is never seen, but that doesn’t make her any less caring. Just when you think you can’t spend one more day catching bugs, collecting fruit, and saving for your mortage, a letter shows up from Mom with a short, quirky anecdote about home, often including a small gift. Oh, mom. Never change.

Mom from Chrono Trigger

“Good morning, Crono!”

The mom from Chrono Trigger is the type of mother that must greet every friend you bring home. No matter who you introduce to her from your party, she strikes up a conversation with them. Ayla calls her “strong,” and it’s true. You know she just cares for you, like any great mom does.

These are just a few of the moms we’ve met and grown with over the years in games, but which mom is your favorite? Take some time to let us know below – but not too long. Go spend some time with your own mom this Mother’s Day before you dive back in for another game!

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