Officially leaving beta and entering a full product on March of 2014, Hirez had been working on the currently available pantheons. For many years and months before now, fans have been clamoring and hoping for a new racial Pantheon to make it through. Today Hirez has announced that Japan will be the next available pantheon on their Smite twitter account.

As mentioned the news is fresh and there’s nothing to go on, but more information regarding the new Pantheon will make its way during the Smite Pro League Super Regionals. The Japanese pantheon will join the current lineup including: Roman, Hindu, Chinese, Greek and Norse. The tweet also shows the identifying Shinto shrine as the signature icon for the Japanese pantheon.

Furthermore, the next patch was announced: The Astral Hunt. Within this update, the game will get the brand new ‘Hunter’ God “Chiron – The Great Teacher”. More commonly referenced as the inspiration for the star system ‘Sagittarius’. He hails from the Greek mythology and his kit is based upon sustaining and in order to stay in battle and take down enemies. A more thorough detail on his skill list can be found in the link here. Aside from a new God, Smite will also receive countless new skins for the Odyssey, an annual event that is celebrating the Smite Pro League event and seeks to engage with the player base to help support the community and teams.

Smite players, what are some Japanese Deities you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments!

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