With The International 5 looming, Team Secret has opted to not continue participating in the tournament so that they may put their time and resources into preparing for the TI5. Team Secret had lost to Evil Geniuses 0-2 in the winners bracket and then decided to drop out; allowing Ninjas in Pyjamas to make their way through to the next round against Cloud9. Perhaps their lost to Evil Geniuses; another team that will be at TI5 spurred them to reconsider their strategy and redevelop their plans.

The Dota Pit Season 3 has 12 teams including Team Secret and Evil Geniuses duking it out for the prize total of over $125,000 and the prize pool was contributed to the spectators who bought the ticket which included a cosmetic set for Pudge. It has been running for the past 2 years, making this year the third. The tournament has been running since January of this year as the matches are delayed for the teams needs. A strange but flexible structured tournament.

The match against EG was roughly 4 months ago and follows from the incident with Arteezy accidentally went onto the tournament stream. Since then, Team Secret had been polishing their skills and teamwork especially in the last few months, rising up to be the fan favorite team.

Whatever the case or reason for Team Secret’s decision regarding the withdrawal; hopefully, Team Secret will be able to make use of this time and pay off. The International is just two months away, and it’s going to be the biggest tournament of the year. I’ll be cheering for Team Secret!

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