In addition to the full story mode provided in the June expansion of Street Fighter V, Amazon is putting the icing on the cake.  Preorder from them and they will include a free digital copy of the comic, Street Fighter Unlimited that was released in honor of the fifth game.  Another preorder offer includes an exclusive battle costume for M. Bison.

The story of the comic follows the hero, Ryu, in his attempt to prevent the Dark Hadou (also known as Satsui no Hado) from taking over his body, even after he was warned of this inevitable conflict by Akuma.  This surge of dark energy that literally translate to “Surge of Murderous Intent” has been used by Akuma, but is wrestling with Ryu’s inner strength for control.  The result of the Dark Hadou gaining dominance over Ryu can be seen in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade AdditionUnlike Ryu, Akuma, who is considered the major protagonist of the series, is known for embracing and using the Dark Hadou.

street fighter vThe comic was written by Ken Siu-Chong and Jim Zub.  It is also available on comixology for $3.99 without the preorder.  Street Fighter V will be available for PS4  and on Steam February 16th.  Their other works include Street Fighter Classic, and Super Street Fighter,

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