New details have appeared for Detective Pikachu on the game’s official website revealing more information about the title’s adorable protagonist.

Fan site Serebii translated the details from their original Japanese publishing.

“Detective Pikachu, due to being able to talk, cannot use any moves and isn’t very fast,” the site says. “In the gameplay, you play as Tim as he has interviews with people and gathers evidence with the help of Detective Pikachu. In the gameplay, you walk around Rhyme City. Tim interviews humans while Pikachu interviews Pokémon. While exploring town, you can find spots to investigate. You can look for evidence by using a magnifying glass and moving it around the scene until you find something.

If Pikachu notices anything, the bottom screen image of Pikachu will activate. Tap it to speak with Pikachu to get a hint or advice. Finally, there are elements with Quick Time Events where you have to push a button in time to perform an action, such as catching Pikachu after he falls from a tree. If you fail to do so, the following scene changes slightly. It doesn’t affect progress, but just changes how things go such as Pikachu hitting Tim’s chest rather than being caught. From there, you solve the crimes based on evidence. The example given is to find out where Aipom disappeared to.”

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