Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Kickstarter was wildly successful. The game was pitched on August 26 with a initial goal of $500,000. Within a mere 12 hours, the game far surpassed it’s goal. At the time of this article, the game has raised $855,111 from over 19,000 different backers. Incredibly enough, developer Larian Studios claims that all Kickstarter funds will be used on additional content, ranging from skill trees to spells.

The previous Divinity: Original Sin was also funded on Kickstarter, to similar rousing success. The game would go on to receive many accolades. Larian reached out to Divinity: Original Sin 2’s backers in a Kickstarter update saying, “you’re amazing!”.

Recent years have showed a resurgence of interest in retro-style RPG’s as well as the rise of crowdfunding. With the success of Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Kickstarter, who knows? We could be seeing a Divinity: Original Sin 3 soon.

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