Dying Light’s dev tool updates are continuing to support the modding community.

Techland has released an update to the dev tools which allows for modders to create cooperative and Player vs Player scenarios. Producer Tymon Smektala had the following to say regarding the update, “Just like with the main game we’ve been supporting the Dev Tools for almost a year now, and we’ve already seen amazingly creative stuff from our fans,”

Believing that co-op and PvP is the way to continue support for Dying Light, you can expect some great new maps in the update Dying Light: The Following. The update is due out February 9th.

The video update they posted online features a map created by RabidSquirrel, one of the community members for Dying Light. “Don’t Drown” is a PvP focused map on an island, with a continually rising tide. This makes it improbable for players to find a spot to camp out, as they constantly have to move.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5ABMX3yDh4]

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