EA has decided they want to regain player’s trust.

Beginning years ago, EA began to deceive and break the trust of players through poorly made games, promises, over pricing, and micro transactions.

The company has long fallen off most dedicated gamers radar, proving itself to be a company that most can’t trust. After the poorly received launch of SimCity, EA became a laughing stock. Speaking to MCV, Peter O’Reilly, senior marketing director for origin, has claimed that “We are on a journey to regain the trust of the PC gamer,”

O’Reilly plans on doing this with Origin Access, a $4.99 monthly subscription. The subscription launches with access to 15 different games, and they plan on offering more games later on. This will include games from rival companies.

Those subscribed to Origin Access will get 10% off all games published by EA, including DLC. Subscribers can also expect early access to new games for a limited time.

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