It’s a wonder what a bit of imagination, time and exploiting game mechanics can do for a spot of entertainment. Such is the case for teamcream‘s recreation of the classic game Jenga in Just Cause 3. Utilizing cargo containers as the blocks, he had stacked them up in the typical tower set up just before the video began. The entire process from creating the tower to its eventual collapse took an estimated 3 hours according to a reply in the comment section of the video.


The tower set up was accomplished much like how the blocks were stacked on top of each, as demonstrated in the video. Utilizing a helicopter to gain vertical pull and the grappling hook, he was able to slowly stack the containers on top of each other in its three-way position. After creating the tower, it becomes a simple task of anchoring the containers and pulling them away slowly, much like in the real game. Once the container is pulled out successfully, it is then whisked away by the helicopter and stacked right back on top. A slow process but still effective and neat.

This was done with no mods and just a lot of time. It’s setup time still took a fairly long time with the payout being a successful (or gut wrenching) tower fall. There’s no doubt that modders will see this and make a very optimized version of this. But do remember this person as the pioneer of this great task.

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