Many Destiny players can recount woes and worries of their shotgunning opponents faced in Bungie’s online shooter/MMO hybrid. While not quite the hazard they were upon the game’s initial release, the weapons continue to carry a certain stigma with them, and Bungie continues to persevere in their effort to achieve balance, as evidenced by their most recent weekly blog post in which they detail the newest nerf shotguns will receive.

This nerf will come by way of the removal of the ‘Shotgun Package’ perk. Weapons boasting this additive prior to 2.1’s update will have their perks replaced with any combination of the following; Close and/or Personal, Crowd Control, or Knee Pads. The perk or perks received is dependent upon the weapon at hand.

Bungie states that the Shotgun Package perk is not gone forever, but simply on a ‘time-out’ while they re-calibrate its effectiveness before ‘hopefully’ re-introducing it to the game.

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