Risk of Rain is a familiar game to PC players, being a rogue like survival for you and up to 3 friends.

Although the game has developed quite the following for PC users, anyone playing console or handheld hasn’t had the privilege of trying out the title yet. That’s all about to change, according to a blog post on the PlayStation website.

You only get one life in Risk of Rain, once you die, it’s game over. And the kicker is this: the longer you’re alive, the harder the game becomes. You can start over once you die, but the world is randomly generated.

As well as joining new platforms, Risk of Rain developers were excited to announce that cross-play will be available. That means that while your friend is playing on the PS Vita, he can join your game even if you’re playing on the PlayStation 4.

Hopoo games is thanking PlayStation network for seamless lobby connection. No more port forwarding, no more IPs. Not to mention a couch co-op and internet co-op integration. “But what would Risk of Rain be without playing with friends? Now you can play on the couch, and on the internet — all at once! While we still have the four-player local co-op available in Risk of Rain, you can now play online lobbies while sharing a machine with your friend — up to two per machine.”

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