Don’t Starve developer Klei have announced a new expansion for their critically acclaimed survival game. The announcement came by way of a trailer on Klei Entertainment’s YouTube channel. The trailer shows Max hastily rowing away from impending doom before the title Don’t Starve Shipwrecked displays.

Klei have announced tht while before the player was restricted to landmass and the water acted as a map boundry, this will be the first time players will be able to naviagate the seas. As well as that the expansion will also include new “characters, biomes, creatures, and seasonal effects.”

The expansion is being co-developed by Capy Games, creators of Super Time Force. Capy’s role according to Klei is to help with “design and development.” There’s no word of a release date but it is estimated to release sometime this fall on PC. There’s no word of console releases yet but just like Don’t Starve‘s Reign of Giants DLC we can be sure to see a later release on consoles.

Players Take to the Sea in Don’t Starve’s Shipwrecked Expansion [Gamespot]

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