Fallout 4’s settlement creation tool has made players come up with some interesting building concepts. From a recreation of Bioshock Infinite’s Columbus to a somewhat functioning and live-in-able AT-AT, the sky (and settlement size) are the only limits for our creativity. However, one player’s love of a classic Fallout 3 location has spawned a quite accurate representation of it in Fallout 4.

Tenpenny Tower was a safe-haven for the rich and well-off in D.C.’s post-apocalyptic mayhem. Reddit user Kadno created the tower using just the base workshop and building mechanics. He eventually dubbed it NoPenny Tower, posting pictures of his feat on Imgur. The pictures show a not-so fancy version of the Fallout 3 version, which is why the name was switched from Tenpenny to NoPenny.

He decided to build it at Starlight Drive In, believing the settlement would be more than big enough for the project. “I thought it would be big enough, but it barely fits,” Kadno explained in a Reddit comment. “Should have gone with the island.”

To add some backstory to the new settlement, Kadno’s character has finished the main quest. NoPenny is his character’s private retirement home. Kadno also stated that after this building project, he doesn’t want to ever build another settlement again.

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