Pokemon Sun and Moon are now available on Amazon for pre-order as part of an exclusive deal. The deal includes both games, delivered in a collector’s edition steelbook case.

The case’s art features Sun and Moon’s mascots, Solgaleo and Lunala, for each game respectively. The interior of the case is also decorated, displaying some of Alola, the newest region players will be able to explore.

Sun and Moon bring the seventh generation of Pokemon to fans worldwide this fall. As in other mainstream Pokemon games, players begin their journey by choosing a fire, water or grass starter. Sun and Moon take place in the Alola region, a tropical island location based on Hawaii. This continues the trend of loosely basing settings on real-world locations; Kalos is based on Northern France and the British Isles, Kanto and Johto are based on real regions in Japan, and Unova is based on New York City.

Naturally, with new places to visit and roads to travel, there are new species of pokemon to capture and battle as well. Last month, Nintendo revealed seven more pocket-monsters, and there are plenty left to discover come November.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook

This exclusive Pokemon Sun and Moon collector’s package will be released in North America on November 18 and in Europe on November 23, along with the standard editions of the games. It costs $89.99 USD, or $71.99 USD for Amazon Prime members.

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