The Pokémon Company revealed a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon. The trailer introduces 7 new Pokemon that will appear in the game’s new region, as well as shows off more gameplay. Even though the majority of the trailer is in Japanese, has translated the names of these new Pokémon, as well as their types.

According to the translation from the website, “It confirms that Tapukoko is Electric/Fairy and the ability Elec Maker which automatically turns the field into Electric Terrain. Charjabug is Bug/Electric. Vikavolt is Bug/Electric. Drampa is Normal/Dragon. Bruxish is Water/Psychic. Cutiefly is Bug/Fairy and Togedemaru is Electric/Steel-type.”

Pokémon Sun and Moon will take place in the Alola Region, which is made up of multiple islands that players can travel between. In addition to new Pokémon, the game features graphical improvements, as well as trainer customization.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will also feature a new free-for-all mode called Battle Royal, which will allow up to four players to battle at the same time. The game will also be compatible with previous Pokémon titles though the Pokémon Bank.

The game is set to release worldwide on November 18, 2016 for the 3DS, and will commemorate the series’ 20th anniversary.

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