The latest in the Scott Cawthon offerings has been unleashed unto the world: Five Nights at Freddy World (FNAF World). The game that changed the series completely and is moreso a spin-off from the original games. FNAF World is Scott’s take on a traditional RPG using the various characters and creations that exists in the Five Nights at Freddy’s universe. Following this game there are even plans for a book and a movie!

FNAF World has various features within the game, including over 40 party members to collect, a dynamic party system, sub-systems to help in battle and a plethora of strange abilities to use in battle. In fact, the steam page makes it a point to explain what some of the abilities are and advises you to read before you play.

For the sake of this article, I had to watch the video and see if this is something I would try for myself. As this isn’t a review, I can’t say one way or another without playing it. That said, you can purchase the game via Steam here. One thing I can say is, I don’t understand.

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