Starting this past weekend and running through the 29th, the Humble Store Winter Sale is going on now, offering discounts on plenty of PC games. The deals include 60% The Elder Scrolls Online ($24), 40% off Ark: Survival Evolved ($18), 30% off Rocket League ($14), 66% off Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition ($7), 75% off Skyrim: Legendary Edition ($10), and 60% off Crypt of the Necrodancer ($6).

That is only a fraction of the games on sale right now, with everything from recent AAA titles like Just Cause 3 to the smallest, most unique of indies, like Her Story. Check out all of them over on the Humble Store.

Not only can you grab some awesome deals, 10% of your purchases on Humble Bundle are allocated one of the many thousands of charities on offer. The Winter Sale runs through Friday the 29th at 10AM PST. Will you be grabbing any of the discounted games? Let us know in the comments.

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