Update: 343 Industries has announced that a Community Playlist will be added to Halo 5 multiplayer next month.

Following Halo 5: Guardians‘s inclusion of Forge in December, we’ve seen some incredible creations both original and derivative. The latest Halo 2 Terminal remake, which features a fully functioning train, is our favourite so far.

Terminal, from Halo 2, was an incredible Big Team Battle map that featured two trains roaring down the middle of the map and through the main base at random intervals. So far, none of the Terminal remakes in Halo 5 have been faithful re-imaginings that haven’t featured the trains, until now. Station 7 is my favourite remake in Halo 5 Forge to date.

We’ve discussed Halo 5‘s in-depth scripting and welding feature before, but we haven’t seen it blended so seamlessly into a map’s aesthetic until now. Without diving into the map to have a closer look at the specifics, I can only make educated assumptions at exactly how the train came to be.

Using welding, it looks as if the player has combined a number of prop vehicles to one another to create what looks like a train with multiple cars – one that looks incredibly close to the original train.

Taking this group of objects, it was then a case of scripting the train to spawn at certain intervals in the tunnel and move straight down the track at a high speed. What results is the most organic use of scripting and level design I’ve seen in a Halo 5 Forge map.

Check out the video below for yourself – it features the original interview with the team at Bungie prior to Terminal’s release, as well as an in-depth look at each part of the remake.



This has just been added to the long list of incredible remakes popping up in Halo 5, but in my opinion it takes the cake. Not only was Terminal my favourite map from Halo 2, but the level design has been so perfectly crafted for Halo 5 – not to mention the genius it took to create trains that work so well.

Terminal remake

We’ve mentioned before that we’re excited to see what else the community creates in Forge, but now we’re also excited to see if 343 Industries implements these incredible creations into a Halo 5 multiplayer playlist.


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