The February update for the Edge of Space has given players long awaited access to the PIOS (Power Input Output System).  The system provides power advancements when it comes to constructing the ultimate base in the game.

The update also includes a good number of tips and hints at integrating the new system along with how to manage with it.  The PIOS system is actually very simple to use and could open the door to some pretty awesome new updates including traps and travel tubes.

The new content update for Edge of Space includes the following additions:

  • Power In-Out System (PIOS): First implementation of the new PIOS interface enables gamers to design complex power circuits in base structures for automated doors, lights, and much more
  • 10 Armor Sets: Additional armors with unique attributes include Recon, Gunslinger, Medic, Assassin, and more
  • Over 16 Kit Upgrades: Improved grapple tool, point defense systems, and waypoint teleporter are just a few of the new kits to equip your cadet
  • 11 Creatures Added: From the tough hulking Walgos to the dangerously annoying ANC Drones, gamers will encounter a wide-range of mutated monstrosities
  • New Biome Level: Called “The Barrens” the Tier Three biome will introduce a landscape of new resources, plant-life, and greater dangers

Edge of Space is currently available Early Access on Steam.

Have you been building anything that could benefit from this change?  Will you be picking up the game because of this new system?  Let us know in the comments below.

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