In a brand new trailer, which was broadcasted on the SEGA YouTube channel, some cinematic footage of the various key moments from the 2008 hit game was shown. The trailer marks the release date for this remastered version on the PlayStation 4 as February 10th, 2016. This remastered version will have improved visuals, some extra DLC besides the main content and some trophies for achievement hunters.

Valkyria Chronicles follows the story of a Gallian army enlistee named Welkin Gunthar as he struggles to fight and defend his home from the invading Imperial army. Finding himself in the leading position for his squad, he has had to undergo various struggles and enemies imposed upon them by the Imperials. Within this remastered edition of Valkyria Chronicles, a demo of “Valkyria Chronicles: Azure Revolution” will also be available. This title is a direct sequel story-wise to the first game and is not a remaster or remake of Valkyria Chronicles II.

Not much has been mentioned concerning this direct sequel, but it has been stated that the new game is set in a country called Jutland who is being invaded by the expansive Rus Empire. An empire that gained a massive boon thanks to the discovery of Ragnite. For now, we can simply look forward to a re-release of a fabulous game that captured the hearts of many PlayStation 3 fans.

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