Kickstarter has released some quick numbers on how much money Kickstarted games made in 2015, and the numbers are looking pretty solid.

A total of $46,177,705 was pledged solely to projects involving the creation of a video game by over 480,000 backers, and 421 projects ended up becoming successfully funded. The most funded game was Shenmue 3, which garnered more than $6.3 million raised from 69,000 backers. The next highest campaign funding was Koji Igarashi’s Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The Castlevania veteran’s project was able to receive $5.5 million pledged. Together, Bloodstained and Shenmue 3 made up about 25% of all Kickstarter video game pledges in 2015.

Kickstarter’s tabletop games also faired well, attracting almost $90,000,000 in pledges from 522, 061 people. A whopping 1,230 tabletop games were successfully funded.

Combined, video games and tabletop games accounted for $144.4 million in pledges during the year. This is almost double that of 2014, although they did not provide a direct comparison with 2014. “We couldn’t be more psyched,” Kickstarter said.

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