Bossa Studios has decided to get into the election year spirit with a new update to Surgeon Simulator.

Titled Surgeon Simulator’s Inside Donald Trump, the update places America’s Republican candidate under the knife. Players can either save him or doom him with some updated tools, such as a dose of Trump vodka or giving him 12 ounces of Trump steak. When players reach Trump’s heart, they can either replace his heart with one of gold or one of stone, depending on the opinions of the surgeon…I mean, player.

Bossa Studios plans on tracking player’s choices on their Surgeon Simulator site. They’re also keeping track on how much money in-game is being spent on keeping the businessman alive. Currently, $39,626,479,681 has been spent on surgery tools for Trump.

Those looking to get inside Trump can purchase the Anniversary Edition of the game for $2.59, and those with the standard edition of the game can upgrade for just $.59.

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