For eSports, the start of 2016 wasn’t one they anticipated. It has been heavily rumoured that Activision acquired Major League Gaming(MLG), and the news came as a surprise for most.

Although MLG has become a house hold name for many gamers, it hasn’t always done the best financially. Activision currently owns Blizzard, who is responsible for StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, and soon Overwatch. All of those games are popular amongst eSports fans, with Star Craft and Star Craft II paving the way for many games.

According to the eSports Observer, MLG was sold to Activision for $46 million.

Although it has yet to be publically announced, the backing is there, and it looks like Activision will be continuing to grow its support for eSports.

Adam Apicella tweeted out how excited he is for CSGO’s Minor Tournament, which points towards MLG still supporting all types of games.


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