Since its release on PC, Mortal Kombat X’s online playability has been a point of complaint for many players, both casual and hardcore fighting fanatics. In a very Ed Boon-like fashion, the head of NetherRealm Studios has teased an upcoming change to the online on his twitter:

So much more GOOD news on the horizon for the Mortal Kombat X GAME beyond Kombat Pack 2. Stay tuned, and PEACE OUT!

The upper case words spell out the phrase ‘Good Game Peace Out’, which is the expanded phrase for the acronym GGPO. GGPO is a fan made netcode that runs numerous online games. The most famous is the 2011 release of Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition which ran the GGPO netcode for all versions of the game. Something that many extreme fans of the game already utilized as an external program. Since then, the program has been a sensational hit and a much desired choice for online competitive play.

It was later revealed through a video on the Mortal Kombat Community YouTube channel that this indeed was the case. Starting Tuesday 19th of January, the sign ups for this new online system for Mortal Kombat X. It will be a closed, public beta which will only go to participants who have had at least one hour of game time with Mortal Kombat X.

While the online at launch was a heavily criticized, it’s fantastic to hear that the team over at NetherRealm Studios hasn’t fallen into the trap of focusing on content before infrastructure. The upcoming release of Kombat Pack 2 is still on its way, but first comes a brand new exciting online play improvement.

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