From the Gamecube, to the Wii, to the WiiU, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has spanned over many console generations to bring us its story about Hyrule’s darkest hours.  And now it’s brought us the new and beautifully improved, cinematic story trailer.

Who would have guessed the savior of Hyrule to be a cowboy?  Well this is where Link starts his journey as a wrangler.  In Twilight Princess HD, he thrown into a world of chaos when strange beasts begin to appear and kidnap the children of the small Ordon village.  The game grows biggers as Link’s own world expands, little by little as he saves it from the enchroching force known as the Twilight.  Accompanied by a spritely imp known as Midna, he must endure trials as man, and wolf, in order to bring light back to the land.

Headed up by Australian studio, Tantalus, Twilight Princess HD is bringing visually enhanced graphics to this ciritically acclaimed game.  Also on the way is a Wolf Link Amiibo that unlocks a new challenge dungeon. In addition, other Zelda related Amiibos can be utilized to assist Link in his adventure.  Unless you have the Ganondorf Amiibo, which puts the game into hard mode, allowing extra damage to be dealt to link when he is hit.

Watcht the trailer now, here!


Twilight Princess HD is set to be released on March 4th for the WiiU.

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