The Oculus Rift is the next big thing in gaming. Virtual Reality has been a long awaited addition to the world of gaming, and companies like Oculus, Valve, and Sony are starting to deliver.

With Oculus being promoted by YouTube stars for quite some time now, it is time to move past just developer kits being released. Oculus Rift has its first pre-order event ready to go, and it starts January 6th.

The pricing for the Rift has not been announced, but the CEO has implied that the unit will launch around £300-£400, or $440-$590 USD. (source)

We do know that the Oculus Rift will be packaged with a tracking camera, Xbox One controller, and Xbox One Wireless Adapter.

You can see a count down to the event on Oculus’s website, which will be at 8 A.M. Pacific Time on January 6th.

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