Announced back in 2011, a subdivision of folks from the Mojang team created the ‘Oxeye Game Studios’ development team in order to work on their very own game. Cobalt saw a revived appearance last year that revealed that its October 2015 release date would be delayed to February 2016 instead. The team have now officially cemented the release date for February 2nd, 2016.

Cobalt is an action-sidescroller with which its main draw is its ‘bullet time’ feature. A feature that rewards reflex by reflecting bullets back by punching them back. Further discussion with the development have revealed that the single player campaign will take approximately 8 hours of game time depending on the gameplay pace of the player.

When it comes to the core gameplay, players will be playing the multiplayer section of the game. In it, players can participate in deathmatch, capture the flag and various other game modes. Furthermore, the game will feature steam workshop support which will allow fans to create even more content for the game way past release.

Cobalt was announced for release on Steam, Xbox One and Xbox 360. On top of that, owners of the alpha version of Cobalt will receive a Steam key via their Mojang account.

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