Payday: The Heist and its sequel are two shooters that have a had success putting players in control of a gang of thieves. The creator of the series, Ulf Andersson, was a huge part of this series and the team behind it, Overkill Software. Now it seems, this designer is moving on to something new.

Andersson has decided to step away from Payday and has started a whole new studio. 10 Chambers Collective, as it is being called, has opened up its own website and teased the development of a “Hardcore FPS Co-op.” Considering what we’ve seen from Overkill Software and Payday, I think this is a title we can trust Ulf Andersson and a new team to make into something special.

10 Chamber Collective has already put up a few pictures on their Facebook and Instagram to set the mood for the upcoming title. Seems pretty spooky if you as me.

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