Pokkén Tournament brings the classic Pokemon fighting competitions from the handheld to the television.  Players can battle CPUs with optional difficulties.  Or they can go up against other players online in Ranked or Friendly matches.  At home, they can hook up the Pokkén Tournament-compatible controller and go up against their friends.

Though recent news has revealed the one setback concerning the game-specific controller.  According to Nintendo’s official UK store, the controller is not compatible for player-one to play with local versus battles.  Player one is confined to the WiiU Gamepad  It was not specified whether or not this will also be the case for other modes of the game, i.e. online games or single-player mode.

Pokken Tournament

Shadow Mewtwo

So while some players may prefer the Gamepad, it’s up in the air if this will prove to be a problem for future developments in the game.

Meanwhile, as expected, the every expanding world of Amiibo has thrown its hat into the ring.  While Shadow Mewtwo has not yet been announced as an official figure to be developed, he will be available.  The early copy of Pokkén Tournament purchased will come with a Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo Card that will unlock his character in the game.

Pokkén Tournament will be available for the WiiU on March 18th.  And the controller is available on Amazon and the Nintendo UK store.

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