Rumours that the Xbox 360 servers will be shut down have been put to rest by Phil Spencer.

The rumours speculated that the servers would be shut down this November, most likely with the logic that 3 years is long enough for most gamers to upgrade.

Xbox Executive Phil Spencer shut down the rumours with two words: Not True.

Xbox live 1.0, for the original Xbox, was shut down in April 2010. This was 9 years after the launch for the original Xbox, and the Xbox 360 had been out for 5 years already.


Although the Xbox 360 has already celebrated its 10th year, it is safe to say that the servers should be safe for awhile yet. The Xbox sold 24+ million consoles as of 2006, with the Xbox 360 selling 84 million as of 2014. Chances are they are making a bit more money off of the 360 then they did the original console.


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